Natalino & Maurizio dal 1934

The evolution of a tradition

“Natalino & Maurizio” was born in the northern area of Rome as a family- run tavern, back in 1934.

The taverns (Osterie) at that time represented refreshment points that rose in the places of passage and this place was a typical popular meeting place.

At that time Collina Fleming was actually a real “hill”: expanses of grass-lawn, just few houses and with a single road that connected the city center to the surrounding countryside.

The “Osteria” was founded by grandfather Natale and grandmother Ermelinda (born in 1880) and here was where they welcomed the carters from outside Rome who stopped for a break, serving them only wine and some snacks, just as it suited this type of place.

Like any family-run business of those times, the first-born, Armando, took the reins and the place slowly began to become a real “osteria with kitchen”, thanks to the authentic, rustic but expert hand of Lina.

Lina was the chef and the teacher of the real Roman dishes of this place, Armando’s wife and the mother of those who today give their name to this activity, Natalino and Maurizio.

We have therefore arrived at the 3rd generation, the restaurant takes on all the characteristics of a restaurant, while maintaining that familiar and almost picturesque atmosphere that is still today the basis of the management of the two Zanni brothers.

Heir of that historical and folkloristic tradition, still today the Restaurant “Natalino & Maurizio”, succeeds in distinguishing itself for the good food, the typical Roman traditional menu, handed down from mother Lina and the products always of high quality.

There would still be so much to tell about Natalino & Maurizio … It would be a mixture of amazement (on the part of the listener) and melancholy (on the part of the narrator) to report the events that, from the 70s till today, have made it possible evolution of a tradition.


Natalino & Maurizio dal 1934

Our Menu

Please ask to a staff member if you have any food allergies / intolerances.

With this symbol (*) the product could be deep-frozen.

In order to guarantee a good service and genuineness, some dishes may not always be available.


Service (includes bread)                    2.00 €
“Bruschetta semplice”                       2 .00 €
(Grilled bread rubbed with
garlic and topped with E.V.O.)
“Bruschetta pomodoro e rucola”       2.50 €
(Grilled bread wit rocket salad,
tomato and E.V.O.)
“Prosciutto”                                         8.00 €
Parma ham DOP
(ageing period 24 months)        
“Mozzarella”  (‘hg’)                              5.00 €
Buffalo Milk Mozzarella cheese
“Prosciutto e Mozzarella”                  12.00 €
Parma ham DOP and Buffalo
Milk Mozzarella cheese
“Affettato misto”                                 9.00 €
Mixed cured meats                              


“Bresaola” (beef cured meat)            12.00 €
from “Valtellina” with rocket
salad and parmesan flakes
“Formaggi”                                            8.00 €
Selection of cheese served               
with honey and jam

Fried Disches

“Polpettine di melanzane fritte”       7.00 €
Fried eggplant meatballs,
served with homemade chickpea
dip  (‘Hummus’)
(4 pcs)
“Fiore di Zucca”                                   2.50 €
Fried courgette flowers (1 pc)
“Filetto di Baccalà fritto”                   3.50 €
Fried cod (1 pc)                                 
“Supplì “                                              2.50 €
Rice croquette stuffed with 
minced meat with tomato sauce
(1 pc)
“Olive Ascolane”                                4.00 €
Olives stuffed with meat
(6 pcs)

Traditional Pasta (from Rome)

Carbonara                                                                                           12.00 €

Eggs, grated Roman Pecorino cheese, crispy pork cheek/ ‘Guanciale’ and pepper

Amatriciana                                                                                         12.00 €

Tomato sauce, grated Roman Pecorino cheese, crispy pork cheek / ‘Guanciale’ and pepper

Gricia                                                                                                    12.00 €

Grated Roman Pecorino cheese, crispy pork cheek / ‘Guanciale’ and pepper

Cacio e pepe                                                                                        11.00 €

Creamed Roman Pecorino cheese and pepper

Checca                                                                                                          12.00 €

Fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and Buffalo mozzarella cheese cubes

Arrabbiata                                                                                             10.00 €

Tomato sauce with parsley, garlic and chilli

Penne alla Vodka                                                                                 12.00 €

‘Vodka sauce’ made with a bit of tomato, cream cheese,parmesan and flavored vodka

A dish with a delicate and soft flavor.


Chef ‘s Pasta

Fettuccine                                                                                              13.00 €

With Porcini mushrooms and parsley

(Type of pasta: flat thick long pasta made of egg and flour)

Pappardelle                                                                                           13.00 €

With real boar meat ragù

(Type of pasta: large, very broad, flat, long pasta made with egg and flour)


Spaghetti all’Ombretta                                                                         12.00 €

Pan fried cherry tomatoes,  garlic, chilli and crispy bread crumbs

Gnocchi                                                                                                   11.00 €

Topped with tomato sauce and grated Roman Pecorino cheese

(Type of pasta: thick, small and soft dough
made from potatoes)


Main Courses

“Scamorza con prosciutto o cicoria ripassata”
Hot melted “Scamorza” cheese topped with                                                 12.00 €
Parma ham or with chicory 
“Scamorza semplice”                                                                                      11.00 €
Hot melted “Scamorza” cheese (plain)
“Asparagi alla Bismark”                                                                                   11.00 €
(Asparagus sautéed  with butter, served with fried eggs and parmesan)
“Bollito alla Picchiapò”                                                                                  14.00 €

boiled beef, gently simmered for  2–3 hours in an aromatic vegetable broth,

served with a delicate tomato and onion sauce

“Trippa alla romana”                                                                                       12.00 €

Beef tripe cooked with Roman Pecorino cheese, tomato, mint and other spices

“Polpette al sugo”                                                                                           12.00 €

Meatballs with real tomato sauce

“Fornara con patate”                                                                                       13.00 €

Oven cooked calf’s breast  served with a white wine creamy sauce and

roasted potatoes side

“Coniglio alla cacciatora”                                                                               15.00 €

Rabbit slowly cooked in a pan with white wine, rosemary, bay leaves and onions

“Coda alla vaccinara”                                                                                      16.00 €

Stewed oxtail, seasoned with vegetables, tomatoes, celery and carrots

“Straccetti di filetto e rucola”                                                                        18.00 €

Pieces of shredded beef cooked in a pan with rocket salad and onion

“Filetto al pepe verde”                                                                                   26.00 €

Danish tenderloin cooked with fresh cream, green pepper and mustard

“Filetto all’aceto balsamico”                                                                         26.00 €

Danish tenderloin served with a creamy balsamic vinegar sauce

“Tàrtara di filetto Danase”                                                                             25.00 €

Danish tenderloin tàrtare, raw ground meat seasoned with spices,

capers, egg yolk and Worcestershire sauce

“Abbacchio al forno
con patate”                                                                                                      18.00 €

Roasted lamb with roasted potatoes

Beef fillet “carpaccio”                                                                                    18.00 €

Raw meat served with parmesan, rocket salad and lemon slices

“Vitello tonnato”                                                                                            18.00 €

Cold veal slices topped with tuna and  mayo thick sauce with fresh capers

“Roast beef ”                                                                                                   16.00 €

Served with parmesan flakes and rocket salad

From the grill

Free-range whole Cockerel     15.00 €

(Galletto Amburghese)

Beef steak                                18.00 €


Veal sirloin steak                     15.00 €


Entrecôte  (‘hg’)                         6.00 €

(Ribeye steak)

Lamb’s ribs on the grill            16.00 €

(Abbacchio scottadito)

Danish tenderloin                   25.00 €


Danish tenderloin
cut in slices                              25.00 €


Fiorentina (‘hg’)                       6.50 €

(T-bone steak)


Seasonal Vegetables                                                    6.00 €

Simply oil and lemon or stir-fried

(Type of vegetables: chicory, roman broccoli, sicilian broccoli…)

Green beans                                                                  6,00 €                    
(boiled served with E.V.O. oil
and lemon on the side)         
Asparagus                                                                      7,00 €    
(boiled served with E.V.O. oil
and lemon on the side)                                                            
Vegetables and potatoes
on the grill                                                                    7.00 €

(Zucchini, aubergines and red radish)

Roasted potatoes                                                         5.00 €
Green salad                                                                   4.00 €
Mixed salad                                                                   5.00 €
*Carciofo alla Romana                                                  6.50 €

Artichoke cooked in a pan with garlic, oil, pepper, parsley,

mint and lemon; cooked over a slow flame.

*Punarelle with anchovy sauce                                    8.00 €



Tiramisù                                                                           5.50 €

Original recipe: mascarpone, pasteurized eggs,sugar,

ladyfingers, coffee and cocoa powder

Mattonella                                                                       5.50 €

Semifreddo made with “fiordilatte” ice-cream and pine nuts

covered with melted hot dark chocolate

Tart with fruit jam                                                           5.50 €

*ask for what kind of jam.


Sorbet                                                                             5.00 €

Mandarin or lemon

Ice-Cream                                                                       5.00 €

Cream or chocolate

Mixed Fruit                                                                      Qty. €
Simple Strawberries.                                                      5.00 €

(sugar and lemon)

Strawberries with ice-cream                                         7.00 €
Pineapple                                                                       5.00 €

Beer & Soft-Drinks

Pale lager “Birra Moretti”     6.00 €
Coca Cola 33cl                       3.00 €
Orange Fanta 33cl                 3.00 €
Mineral water –
Sparkling Nepi                      2.50 €
Mineral water –
Still San Benedetto              2.50 €


Coffee                                    2.50 €
Decaffeinated                       3.00 €
Barley coffee (Orzo)             3.00 €
Cappuccino                           3.50 €
Tea and Herbal teas             3.50 €

After meal, digestif&spirit

Amari                                     5.00 €

Averna, Lucano, Montenegro,

Amaro del Capo, Unicum,

Fernet Branca, Brancamenta

Jagermeister, Nerone

Limoncello                          5.00 €
Mirto                                    5.00 €
Whisky J&B                         6.00 €
Whisky Ballantine’s           6.00 €
Scotch Whisky
Glen Grants                        7.00 €
Whiskey Jack Daniel’s       7.00 €
Whisky Talisker                 8.00 €
Whisky Laphroaig             8.00 €
Rum Havana Club
7 añejo                              6.00 €
Ron Pampero Blanco       6.00 €
Ron Zacapa
Gran Riserva                     8.00 €
Vodka Moskovskaya         5.00 €
Vodka Absolut                  5.00 €
Grappa Bertagnollin


(bianca o barricata)          5.00 €